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Solution of Class XI- Meaning into Words (Compulsory English)- Unit 1

Solution of Class XI- Meaning into Words (Compulsory English)- Unit 1
Asking about services (Practice): 
1.    Your sheets are dirty.
A: I want to have my sheets washed. Do you know a good laundry around here?
B: I usually have mine washed at My Shop.
A: My shop? Where’s that exactly?
B: It’s at Thamel, next to Rastriya Banijya Bank.
2.    You’re worried about your eyesight.
A: I want to have my eyesight checked. Do you know a good optician’s around here?
B: I usually have mine checked at Dr Thapa’s.
A: Dr Thapa’s? Where’s that exactly?
B: It’s opposite the tempo park at Ranipokhari, next to the cinema.
3.    Your car needs servicing.
A: I want to have my car serviced. Do you know a good car service center around here?
B: I usually have mine serviced at Sita Car Service Center.
A: Sita Car Service Center? Where’s that exactly?
B: It’s at Surya Binayak, opposite the trolley bus station.
4.    You’ve just finished a film in your camera.
A: I want to have my film developed. Do you know a good photographer’s around here?
B: I usually have mine at Ranbo’s.
A: Ranbo’s? Where’s that exactly?
B: It’s at New Road, next to the old library building.
5.    You need a new suit.
A: I want to have my suit sewn. Do you know a good tailor’s around here?
B: I usually have mine sewn at Bhandari’s.
A: Bhandari’s? Where’s that exactly?
B: It’s at Old Baneshwor, next to Chitra’s Book Store.
6.    The sole has come off your shoe.
A: I want to have my shoe repaired. Do you know a good shoemaker’s around here?
B: I usually have mine repaired at Baglunge’s.
A: Baglunge’s? Where’s that exactly?
B: It’s at Ratnapark, opposite the watch service center.
7.    You need some photocopies of a document.
A: I want to have a document photocopied. Do you know a good stationer’s around here?
B: I usually have mine photocopied at Suman’s.
A: Suman’s? Where’s that exactly?
B: It’s at Ramshaha Path, in front of Padmodaya High School.
Amenities (Practice)
1.    Hotel, guesthouse, youth hostel and camping site
There are hotels, which are very expensive.
There are guesthouses, where you can get beds at lower rate.
There are bed and breakfast places, which you can find advertised in the papers.
There are youth hostels, where only the members can go.
There are camping sites, where you can spend the night pleasantly.
2.    Library, bookshop and bookstall
There are libraries, where you can read reference books.
There are bookshops, which sell good novels.
There are bookstalls, where we can buy our text books.
3.    Park, public garden, swimming pool and zoo
There are parks, where you can walk in the evening and morning.
There are public gardens, which have different kinds of flowers.
There are swimming pools, where water is very clean.
There are zoos, which have different kinds of animals.
There are funfairs, where you can ride on machines.
There are children’s playgrounds, which are noisy and crowded on Saturdays and holidays.
4.    Museum, restaurant and opera house
There are museums, where we can have many glimpses of historical events.
There are art galleries, which encourage the young artists to keep on their interests.
There are exhibitions, where the beauties of the city can be seen.
There are restaurants, where you can have fresh meals.
There are theaters, which show classical plays.
There are opera houses, where you can see musical plays.
1.      Which of these pairs of adjectives best describes Torquay?    
a.      lively and crowded
2.      What information does the writer give about: 
a.      There are luxury hotels, less expensive, bed and breakfast places, camping sites.
b.      There are secluded coves and large sandy beaches.
c.      The cliffs are winding and you can walk for miles along them
d.        There are lots of places for entertainment, which are sophisticated and varied, e.g. discos, opera, ballet, variety shows theater.
e.        It’s good for fishing and water sitting.
3.      If you don’t like crowded places, where can you go:
a.        near Torquay
 I can go walking along the cliffs or go to the coves.
b.        further away from Torquay
Further away from Torquay, I can go to Dartmooner National Park.
4.      What is special about the model village?
It has a model railway and lights up at night.
5.      What are the following?
a.    Coves- Small sheltered bay.
b.    Refreshments- Sandwiches, drinks, ice-cream, etc.
c.    Deck chairs - folding chair with a cloth seat.
d.    Beach huts- small hut behind the beach which you can rent and use for changing, keeping your clothes in, etc.
e.    Variety shows – a show with many short performances.
6.      Look at the photo. What is it a photo of, and what is there in it?
It’s the photo of Torquay harbor, there are boats, yachts, a cliff, hotels, etc.
7.      Imagine that you are visiting Torquay for one day only. What would you
do there?
If I visited Torquay for one day only, I would choose one of the hundred houses displaying B & B signs. I would not choose luxury hotels because I am not rich enough to afford them. I would pass the day on the beach. I would have refreshments sitting in a hired deck chair. In spite of my great interest, I would not walk along the miles of winding cliff paths and enjoy the scenery and the healthiest air because I have to go to my office tomorrow.  I am not a sportsman, so I would not enjoy the opportunities for different sports. After a day in the open air, I would go to one of the summer variety shows because I like jokes and music very much. If I had some more time, I would watch the model railway because I like realistic things very much.
Write part of a magazine article describing your town and what visitors can do there. Situated in the valley, surrounded by beautiful green hills, Kathmandu is one of the most popular cities in Nepal. It provides different kinds of entertainment and cultural shows. Visitors can choose between luxurious five- star hotels and comfortable but less expensive guesthouses. There are hundreds of lodges to pass the nights cheaply.
There are a lot of cheap as well as expensive hotels at Nagarkot for those who want to pass time amid nature. The sunrise as well as the sunset can be enjoyed from here. The valley with many winding streams looks like a bowl. The windig paths over hills around reminds you of the earlier stages of human civilization. In the valley there are three famous cities filled with temples. Once you visit one city you don’t like to leave it. During major festivals every street attracts you equally. There is a golf club near the airport and a swimming pool at Balaju.
After a day in the open air, there’s a lot to do in the evenings, too. There are plenty of discos, bars, casinos, a theater and cinemas.