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Solution of Class XI- Meaning Into Words (Compulsory English) Unit 3

Solution of Class XI- Meaning Into Words  (Compulsory English) Unit 3
Unit – 3
Now, explain what these people do (Practice):
A secretary-  a person who writes letters, keeps records, etc. in an office
A cashier-  a person who deals with money in a shop, bank, etc.
A mechanic- a person who repairs machinery or engines
A plumber-  a person who fits and repairs water pipes
A night watchman –  a person who looks after a building at night
A gardener-  a person who works in a garden, grows plants and vegetables
A receptionist- a person who welcomes guests arriving at a hotel
An air hostess-  a person who looks after and serves passengers on an aeroplane
What’s your job? (Practice):
1.    Police station / police man? / secretary
A: Where do you work?
B: I work at the local police station.
A: Oh, so you’re a policeman, are you?
B: No, I’m secretary – I write letters, keep records, etc. at the police station.
2.    Railway station / ticket collector? / porter
A: Where do you work?
B: I work at the local railway station.
A: Oh, so you’re a ticket collector, are you?
B: No, I’m a porter- I carry the passengers’ luggage.
3.    Supermarket / cashier? / store detective
A: Where do you work?
B: I work at a supermarket.
A: Oh, so you’re a cashier, are you?
B:  No, I’m a store detective – I find people who try to steal things.
4.    Library / librarian? / cleaner
A: Where do you work?
B: I work at the library.
A: Oh, so you’re a librarian, are you?
B: No, I’m a cleaner- I clean the library.
5.    Ski resort / ski instructor? ________
A: Where do you work?
B: I work at a ski resort.
A: Oh, so you’re a ski-instructor, are you?
B: No, I am a porter – I carry skiing equipment back to the top.
6.    Language / _____? / _______
A: Where do you work?
B: I work at a language school.
A: Oh, so you’re a language instructor, are you?
B: No, I’m a peon- I ring the bell.
7.    Restaurant / _____? / ______
A: Where do you work?
B: I work at a restaurant.
A: Oh, so you are a waiter, are you?
B: No, I’m a cook- I cook food for the customers.
8.    Nightclub / _____? / _______
A: Where do you work?
B: I work at a nightclub.
A: Oh, so you are a pianist, are you?
B: No, I’m a drummer- I play the drums.
9.    Airport / _______? / ______
A: Where do you work?
B: I work at the airport.
A: Oh, so you are an airline station agent, are you?
B: No, I’m a sales agent- I sell tickets.
Daily Routine (Practice):
Write a short paragraph describing your partner’s daily routine.
My friend gets up at 5 o’clock in the morning. He has breakfast at 6.00. Then he goes to Campus at 6:30. He takes his class until 9:30. After this he goes to office.  He has lunch in the office canteen at 1:00. He works till 5: 00. In the evening he goes to the evening class at a computer institute. He goes home at 8:00. He has supper at 9 and goes to bed at 10.
Precise Frequency:
How often?
1.    Do leap years occur?
They occur every four years.
2.    Do you have elections in your country?
In our country we have elections every four year.
3.    Does a normal heart beat?
It beats about 72 - 78 times a minute.         
4.    Do you have an English lesson?
We have an English lesson six times a week.
5.    Do you wash your hair?
I wash my hair every two days or three times a week.
6.    Do you clean your teeth?
I clean them once a day.
7.    Do you go on holiday?
I go on holiday three times a year.
8.    Do you have your hair cut?
I have my hair cut every two months or six times a year.
All in a Day’s Work: The Passive
What other things happen to Ron Glib?
1.    Publish- All his articles are published.
2.     Send - He is sent all over the world.
3.    Ask- He is asked to cover major world events.
4.    Mistake- Sometimes he is mistaken for a demonstrator.
5.    Arrest- He is arrested.
1.    A pop star- A pop star is loved by everyone, but generally he is considered to be morally bad.
2.     A doctor- A doctor is highly respected in our society, but his money minded nature is criticized. 
3.    A policeman- A policeman is feared in the ignorant society and he is given his necessities.
4.    A politician- A politician is completely trusted in his own constituency but his actions are proved to be treacherous.
5.     You-I am woken up early in the morning and sent to campus.
A life in the Day of ….  (Reading):
1.    a.  What is Janet and Warren’s main occupation?
Their main occupation is skating.
b.  What do they do to earn a living?
 To earn a living, Jane works in a department store and Warren works in a betting office.
2.    Choose the correct answer. Are they:
d.  They are friends.
3.    a. Where do Janet and Warren live?
They live at Janet’s parents’ house.
b. Why do you think they live together?
I think they live together because they need to get up early to skate together so it’s convenient and because they’re friends.
4.    Exactly when do they skate?
They skate from 5:00 to 8:15 and from 9:00 to 12:00.
5.    What problems are involved in:
a. They sometimes get chased by dogs.
b. They don’t get paid.
6.    Write T or F against these statements:
a.  The rink is closed when they arrive. true
b.  They live a well – organized life. true
c.  They don’t think they have enough free time. false
d.  Their employers let them skate during working hours. true
e.  They envy their friends. false
7.    Make brief notes about Janet and Warren’s daily routine.  
4: 30- alarm - Janet wakes Warren,
5:15-  leave house- car,
5:20 - arrive at ice rink,
5: 40-  get changed- on the ice,
8:15 - get changed – for breakfast,
9:00 - back to the rink,
12:00-  go to Hyde Park-run,
12:30-  go to work- sandwich,
1: 00 – 5:30-  at work,
6:00-  meet up in the Dance Center- modern dance,
8:00-  reach home,
9:00-  go to bed.