Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Specimen of Movie Review on ‘Jhola’

A review is a brief description of a book, film, play, album, etc. It gives the main points of the plot including the reviewer’s comments/ recommendations.  While writing a review, think about the tenses you should use for each paragraph. When describing the plot, the present tense should be used. When a new topic is presented, start a new paragraph. Your recommendation and judgement should be included in the conclusion. Always be reasonable to support your comments or opinions.
      Useful Language
The film is set ____. It tells the story of / is about _____; The film is directed/ produced by ____ ; It is based on a book by _____ ; The film is a comedy / thriller/ adventure / romantic comedy / tragedy etc.
The film is about / begins / concerns with ____; The film’s plot is fast paced / slow moving; The plot has an unexpected twist / ending; The film reaches a dramatic climax ____.
This well written / informative / fascinating book ___; It tells the story of / is about ____; The book /novel was written by ____; The book is based on ____ (the true story of / the life of etc.)
The book / story begins / concerns / is about ___; The storyline / plot has an unexpected twist / ending. The plot / storyline is absolutely / thrilling / rather boring. The plot / storyline is fast pace / slow moving.
General Comments and Opinions:  
It’s real page- turner; It’s hard to put down; I thought it was rather confusing / long in parts; The characters are well-developed; There are some excellent / beautiful descriptions of ____; It is  beautifully /poorly / badly written; The first chapter is slow moving / dull / exciting, etc.; I found the ending disappointing / thrilling / dull / clever, etc.
Recommending a book / film:
I would definitely / wouldn’t recommend that you see this film / read this book ; because ___; This film / book is well worth seeing / reading (because ___); If I were you, I’d definitely watch this film / read this book ; Don’t miss this film / You must read this book – it will change the way you use ____
Movie Review of Jhola
Title of the movie: Jhola
Director: Yadav Kumar Bhattarai
Producers: Raj Timalsina, Ram Gopal Thapa and Sushil Shah
Starring: Garima Panta, Desh Bhakta Khanal, Sujal Nepal, Laxmi Giri and Deepak Chhetri
Genre: Social
Duration: 90 minutes
Language: Nepali
Release Date: 7 December 2013
‘Jhola’ is a Nepali film based on Krishna Dharawasi’s short story “Jhola”. It has depicted Nepali society about the Sati tradition that was prevalent until the 1920s. The film has beautifully presented the issues of violence against women. “Has Nepalese society really passed through such inhuman tradition?” is the question every youngster wonders about.

The plot develops with the death of Garima’s husband in which she has to immolate herself upon her husband’s death, typically on his funeral pyre. She is supposed to be burnt alive with the dead body of her husband according to the tradition. However, she escapes the fire and hides in a cave. The help of her son fascinates the audience.

Almost all the scenes seem realistic and historical. Traditional tools like dhiki, janto, madaani, etc. give a traditional look to the film. Similarly, traditional lights like ranko, diyalo and fire place represent ancient environment to the spectators. In addition to Sati tradition, the movie also touches Kamara Kamari (a kind of slavery) tradition. What a beautiful cinematography it is! I think costumes of the artists and the leaf music in traditional tunes touch the heart of every one present in the cinema hall. Garima’s natural appearance, her role and her acting are spellbinding and add to the beauty of the movie.

This is a must watch movie. Don’t miss it.


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