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NEB-Grade- XII Biology (Botany + Zoology) Question-2076 (2019)

NEB-Grade- XII Biology (Botany + Zoology) Question-2076 (2019)
Sub. Code: 214 ‘B’
Biology (Botany + Zoology)
Time: 3hrs                                                                                             Full Marks:75
                                                                 Pass Marks: 27 (only for partial students)
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figure in the margin indicates full marks.

Note: This question paper contains Botany portion in Group ‘A’ and Zoology portion in Group ‘B’. So use separate answer sheets for Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’. First use answer sheet for Group ‘A’.
Group ‘A’
Attempt all questions.
1.    Answer in short on any seven.                                                         7x1=7
a.    What is the major product of C3 cycle?
b.    What do you mean by master strand?
c.    Write the name of purine bases.
d.    What do you mean by scion and stock?
e.    Define biofertilizer.
f.     Define tissue.
g.    What is callus culture?
h.    Define megasporogenesis.
i.     What do you mean by chiropterophily?
j.     Define turgor pressure.
2.    Describe in brief on any five.                                                        5x3=15
a.    Significances of respiration.
b.    Describe the tunica and corpus theory.
c.    Structure of RNA.
d.    Mechanism of crossing over.
e.    Application of plant tissue culture.
f.     Process of male gametogenesis.
g.    Describe the co-dominance with suitable example.
3.    Describe the anatomical structure of dicot root and compare it with 
     monocot root.                                                                                        7.5
Describe an experiment to demonstrate light is necessary for the process of photosynthesis with clean diagram.
4.    What is DNA? Describe the process of semi conservation method of DNA 
     replication with good diagrams.                                                                  8
Group ‘B’
Attempt all questions.
1.    Answer in short on any seven.                                                             7x1=7
a.    Name the place where actual exchange of gases takes place inside the lung.
b.    What is double circulation?
c.    Which hormone controls osmoregulation?
d.    Define nerve impulse.
e.    What is vaccine? Name their types.
f.     What is a fingerling?
g.    Give limitations of organ transplantation.
h.    What are pullets?
i.     Why do drugs addicts suffer from AIDS?
j.     Hepatitis is more dangerous than AIDS, why?
2.    Describe in brief on any five.                                                         5x3=15
a.    Cardiac muscle.
b.    The process of neurulation.
c.    The role of vitamins.
d.    The role of bile in the fat digestion.
e.    Distinguish between endocrine and exocrine glands.
f.     The role of mother in a test tube baby.
g.    Population growth curbs.
3.    Describe the structure and functions of different parts of human brain.   7.5
Give an account of the process of urine formation in human being.
4.    What is addiction? Discuss the symptoms, effects and control measures of 
     alcohol addiction in detail.                                                                    8
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