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SEE 2075 (2019) Social Studies (New Course RE-123'GP’ + Old Course ‘GE-122’)

 SEE 2075 (2019) Social Studies  (New Course RE-123'GP’ + Old Course ‘GE-122’)
SEE 2075 (2019)
Compulsory Social Studies
(New Course)
Group 'A'
Write very short answer of the following questions. 7x1=7
1.    Do you think the efforts to improve the human development index are sufficient or not? Write your observation in a sentence.
2.    Mention any two roles that should be played by the state to achieve the goal of sustainable development.
3.    In which region is Dakkari folk musical instrument widely practised?
4.    Prepare a slogan to celebrate the children's day?
5.    Who had led the government formed after the 1st general election of Nepal? What was the numbers of ministers in the cabinet?
6.    What should be done to make financial literacy effective? Present a solution.
7.    Write any two functions of the international court of justice.
Group 'B'
Write short answer of the following questions.
8.    Highlight the importance of Human Resource Management in four points.
9.    Despite the efforts made by federal and state government, the degradation of Chure Hill has not been stopped. It has caused negative impacts in the environment. What role can local level play in this circumstance? Write in four points.
10. Mention in four points the relevance of observing 3rd Ashwin, every year as a National Day.
11. Present your opinions in four points on the assistance of international organization in the social and economic development of Nepal.
12. How far have the political parties of Nepal become successful to establish and strengthen democracy from the past to present? Write your analysis in four points.
13. What types of vegetation would you observe if you got opportunity to travel from equatorial region to polar region? Write the name of vegetations with reasons in four points.
14. Write any two similarities and two differences between North America continent and Nepal.
15. Prepare a dialogue mentioning the positive and negative aspects being Nepalese troops involved in First and Second World War.
16. What suggestions would you give to the chairperson of a co-operative operating as his/her own business in case you got an opportunity to meet him/her? Present your suggestions in four points.
17. Write the roles played by the UNO in peace keeping in the world in four points.
Group 'C'
Write long answer of the following questions.
18. What role should the political leadership and judiciary itself play to gear up the trust of public and well-functioning of judiciary in Nepal? Present the answer in four points each.
19. Draw a full- page map of Nepal and insert the following facts using appropriate symbols.
(Mt. Everest), (Siddharth Highway), (Tea Cultivation Area), (Birendranagar)
Draw a map of North America and insert the following facts.
(Prairies), (San Francisco), (Gulf of Mexico), (Mackenzie Mountain)
20. Achievements of People's Revolution, 2062/063 B.S. are more typical than the previous revolutions. Clarify with examples.
21. What is consumer right? Mention the advantages from consumer right.

SEE 2075 (2019)
Compulsory Social Studies
(Old Course)
Group 'A'
Write very short answer of the following questions. 8x1=8
1.    Define 'Federalism' in a sentence.
2.    Prepare a slogan to create awareness against girls trafficking.
3.    What is the cause of increasing the incidences of human right violation?
4.    Write the name of two factors that affect the climate.
5.    Draw the symbols which are used to show mountain range and road in the map.
6.    What is the major reason of varying the climate between Kathmandu and Birgunj.
7.    When was the referendum held in Nepal?
8.    Which occupation would you like to adopt in future? Why?
Group 'B'
Write short answer of the following questions. 14x4=56
9.    Name your province and explain it based on its climate, natural vegetation, life style and land relief.
10. Mention four causes of the development projects are not completed in time in Nepal.
11. Give an introduction of skilled man power and mention its type.
12. Prepare four questions to take interview with a political leader about development of Nepal.
13. Write a letter to your friend mentioning the measures of conservation of folk dances.
14. How can our heritages be preserved? Write in four points.
15.  Write four functions of Red Cross.
16. "Corrupted person is an enemy of the nation." Give your opinion on this statement and write three measures to control the corruption.
17. What role can you play in election as a responsible citizen? Write in four points.
18. Give an introduction of temperate grass land.
19. Show the six major events from 2063 to present time in a time line.
20. Mention any two problems and two way out of tourism industry in Nepal.
21. Write the name and functions of any four specialized agencies of the UNO.
22. Mention any four roles played by the UN Security Council to establish peace in the world.
Group 'C'
Write long answer of the following questions. 9x4=36
23. Prepare a list of any 10 human rights mentioned in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
24. Draw a map of Nepal and insert the following facts.
(Chitwan), (Mt. Annapurna), (River Karnali), (Tea Cultivation Area), (Siddartha Highway), (Janakpurdham)
Insert the following fact in given world map.
(River Nile), (Savana Region), (Kalahari Desert), (Wasinton D.C.), (Rocky Mountain Range), (River Sent Laurence), (Cape horn),
25. Prepare a report on the basis of study of materials about First World War as follows.
     (Background of the study)
     (Objective of the study)
26. Develop a dialogue between two friends explaining the causes and achievements of The People's Movement, 2046 BS.
27. "Tourism can be the backbone of development in Nepal." Justify this statement.

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