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Moral Stories - Part One

Moral Stories - Part One
Moral Story: The Old Lady and the Clever Doctor
There was an old lady who became blind. She called in a doctor for treatment. He examined her and demanded huge amount of money for the treatment of her eye-sight. She agreed to pay the fee to the doctor if her eye-sight became all right. But she said she would not pay anything if she was not cured. The doctor accepted the term of payment.

He was called upon to treat her every day. The doctor was tempted looking at the valuable furniture in the lady's room. He began to take away the furniture thinking that the lady couldn't see. He delayed his treatment to take all the furniture. After some days, she was cured and the doctor demanded the money. She refused to pay saying her eye-sight had not been restored yet. She told like that because she didn't find her valuable furniture in her home and she knew all was taken by the doctor.

The doctor brought the case into the court. He told everything to the judge. Then the judge asked the lady why she would not pay. She answered that her eye-sight was not properly recovered as she couldn't see her all valuable furniture. The judge understood everything and gave verdict in the favour of the old lady.
Moral: If you try to deceive others, you will be deceived.
Moral Story: The Three Artists
Long ago there lived three artists who were fully accomplished in art, and their paintings were equally so good that it was very difficult for anyone to judge who was the best among them.

Once an art competition was held to find out who was the best among them. The three artists took part in the competition. One painted a flower. It looked so real that a bee came and settled on it. Another painted a basket of fruit. It looked so natural that an ox tried to seize some of it. The third artist painted a curtain that was also so real and beautiful.

Everybody was excited to know who would be the winner among the three. All the three paintings were presented before the judge. He looked at all the paintings. When he looked at the curtain, it appeared so natural to him that he tried to raise it. The judge said, “The first two paintings deceived only an animal and an insect, but the third painting deceived a human being. So, I declare the artist of the third painting as the winner.”
Moral: The best always takes the first plac
Moral Story: The Three Friends and the Hotel
Once there were three young friends in a village. They had recently completed college education from a town. They were searching for jobs but they could not get a job. They were tired of moving from door to door of offices, factories and stores. They thought of starting their own business in their investment. Each of them borrowed some money from their parents and set out for a town to start a business.   

When they reached just outside a hotel in the town, they stood nearby and talked about purchasing the hotel. The conversation among the three friends caught a man’s ears.  He was standing beside them, at the entrance of the hotel. He knew that they had big sum of money and he immediately made a plan to cheat them. He said to them, “I’m the owner of this hotel. Do you want to purchase this hotel? How much money do you have?”  They honestly replied how much they had. They believed in what the man said and agreed to purchase the hotel in haste. The three friends gave him the money. Then the man said to them, “Look, these are papers of the hotel. Take these papers and you are the owners of the hotel now.”  They happily went into the hotel and had a good lunch.  After a while, a waiter asked them to pay the bill.  But they said, “We are the new owners of this hotel.”

The real owner of the hotel came and examined the papers and told them that those were fake papers.  Now the three friends were at a complete loss and they looked at one another.  
Moral:   Haste invites trouble.

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