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Solution of English Grade - IX (Unit-12 UNIVERSAL ETIQUETTE)

Solution of English Grade - IX (Unit-12 UNIVERSAL ETIQUETTE)
Read these key sentences taken from the reading text and tick the best meaning for the underlined words.
a.    Different facets of life create troubles and sufferings.
b.    Some of them are lazy, easily distracted and envious, too.
c.    There are many ways to eradicate sufferings.
d.    Arrange the belongings and appliances that you use.
e.    Reflect your day and sleep on time.
Read and Answer
Read the text again, and answer these questions.
a.    What are the four major problems of students?
Ans: Improper ways of eating or sleeping, lacking exercise, improper way of dressing and unpunctuality the four major problems of students.
b.    How can these problems be solved? List four ways.
Ans: These problems can be solved with cleanliness, politeness, punctuality and orderliness.
c.    Write any three techniques you can apply to be happy, successful and healthy?
Ans: To be happy, successful and healthy, we must know how to organize ourselves and our belongings
d.    Write your daily habits.
Ans: My Daily Habits:
1.    Get up early in the morning.
2.    Make your bed.
3.    Keep aside a thing that is not necessary for you but may be useful to
4.    Dress properly for all occasions, like at home, for school, for party, etc.
5.    Arrange the belongings and appliances that you use.
6.    Speak politely. Show good manners. Treat others the way you would like to be treated by them.
e.    Why do you think we need to develop good habits? Write in detail.
Ans: I think we need to develop good habits to be punctual, hygienic, polite and clean. These habits make us free from possible sufferings; therefore, they are referred as the combatants. They can be pracitised in our rooms.
f.     Imagine that you had no problems in your life. How would life be different? Write a paragraph.
Ans: I would be an organized person. I wouldn’t be envious of others. I would show my best performance in my academic and extracurricular activities. My surrounding would be clean and people would be able to eradicate the fatal diseases. My responsibilities to a given assignment would be completed in time.
Fill in each blank with one of the connectives.
a.    Because of heavy rain I got stuck in the jam.
b.    Everyone trusts you because you are reliable.
c.    He is unable so, he deserves help.
d.    We forgot our homework, therefore, the teacher warned us to submit by tomorrow.
e.    As you are polite, you are liked by everyone.
Rewrite these sentences filling in the gaps with appropriate connectives.
a.    Since your sister is very smart, she can manage her time.
b.    It is dangerous to go there because of the broken glass.
c.    You should go for eye check- up because your eyesight is very poor.
d.    The expedition has been cancelled for the weather is worsening day by day.
e.    We listen to others so that we can develop patience.
f.     In order to get respect; we need to respect others first.
g.    She was ill mannered; therefore, she did not correct herself.
h.    He was well- behaved, so, he was praised by all.
i.     Despite such tough questions, we were able to score good marks.
j.     Although penguins have wings, they can’t fly.
Join these pairs of sentences into one using appropriate connectives:
a.    Angrita went to university in order to get admission.
b.    Rajababu is asking for help because he is feeling dizzy.
c.    Nitu went to the bazaar so that she could buy her new dress there.
d.    Although the sun was scorching hot, Suprim did not take out his umbrella from his bag.
e.    Gaurab is honest, so/therefore, everyone believes him.
f.     Abdul stopped doing his homework because/as/since his mother asked him to help her.
Write a paragraph on your best friend.
(first name of your friend), My Best Friend
(Name of your friend) is my best friend for many reasons. Among many good qualities, his discipline always impresses me. He is self-disciplined. Not only in school and with teachers, he is well- mannered at home too. His daily routine is appreciable. The way he dresses up; the way he arranges things and the way he behaves with others always fascinate me. Also, he shows respect to parents, elders and relatives. He respects not only teachers at school but also non- teaching staff. Everyone likes his speech. He is positive towards every situation. If anyone makes a fuss of anything and blames him, he takes things positively and settles back to being cool and calm. Moreover, his patience is his ornament. He never gets excited or afraid of anything. He never worries too much. Similarly, he can sing and dance very well. He can also play different musical instruments too. The only weakness I think he has is; he cannot say no to anyone. The interesting part is that he is able to impress everybody by his positive attitude. However, as nobody can, Pradeep is not capable of making everybody happy. He is punctual and advises everyone to be so. He always advises me that I should not be nervous in any difficult situations. In his view, problems always come with solution. It’s just a matter of unfolding them. Once we try to unfold the problems, we uncover solutions. Such views always attract me. In my view, his helping nature makes him sympathetic and empathetic towards others. Because of his patience, he is popular among friends and teachers. He is cool, calm and controlled. In short, (name of your friend) is my role model even though he is my contemporary.


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