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Musee des Beaux Arts| Major English - XII | Grade 12 Major English Note

Musee des Beaux Arts| Major English - XII | Grade 12 Major English Note
Musee des Beaux Arts
By WH Auden
Important Questions and  Answers 
1.    Paraphrase of the poem or summarize the poem in a small paragraph.
The old Masters were never wrong about the suffering. They understood its role in life very well.  They understood how suffering takes place while someone is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along. The old masters understood how, when old people are waiting for the birth of Jesus, but there are children who are playing on a pond at the edge of a wood, do not want Jesus to be born.  The old masters never forgot that even a cruel death must happen in any manner, in a corner or at some untidy spot where the dogs live and the torturer's horse scratches its innocent backside on a tree.  For example, in the painting of Icarus by Breughel, everything turns away slowly from the disaster. The ploughman may have heard the splash and the lonely cry of Icarus. But he wasn't interested. The sun still shone in the same way as it had done on the white legs of Icarus disappearing into the green sea. And the expensive delicate ship that must have seen the amazing sight of the boy falling out of the sky, had to finish its journey.
2.    Who are the old Masters? What is their understanding of human suffering? or The poem Musee des Beaux Arts makes a statement about human suffering. Discuss with reference to the old master's understanding of human suffering.
The term "Old Masters" indicates to any talented European painter working in or before the eighteenth century. However, Auden centers his poem in particular on works he observed in the Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, which are located in Brussels, Belgium. These museums mainly show the works of Dutch and Belgian artists. The Old Masters were the great painters of the past such as Pieter Brueghel, a great painter. They are the learned people of the past. They rightly understood the nature of suffering and correctly depicted it in their works. They knew that both humanity and nature are in different to the suffering of individuals.
3.    How does everything turn away from the disaster in Brueghel's painting?
In his painting entitled "Icarus" human indifference to suffering of others has been illustrated. All, the other persons looked at the falling Icarus and then turned their attention to their own work. The farmer may have heard the sound of Icarus falling into the sea. He may have heard the cry of pain and suffering. It wasn't important to him to the downfall of Icarus. The sun was shining as usual while the boy's legs were going down into the water. The crew of the ship must have been surprised to see the boy falling down from the sky into the sea, but they didn't show any effort to resume them. It sailed undisturbed.
4.    How does Auden support his views about human suffering with the example of a painting?
Auden supports his views about human suffering with the example of a painting of Pieter Brueghel's Musee des Beaux Arts. Here, Auden refers to Icarus’s suffering to support it. In his painting, Brueghel presents the great suffering of Icarus who is seen falling from the sky.

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