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Solution of Class Eight (VIII) English | Unit- Eleven | Games and Sports

class viii
Solution of Class Eight (VIII) English | Unit- Eleven | Games and Sports

Games and Sports 

Ways with words
1. Read the text above and match the words with their meanings.
  1. patriotism- love of your country
  2. obesity - fatness
  3. alert- watchful
  4. metabolism- all the chemical process in a living beings that changes food into energy
  5. virtue- moral excellence
  6. virtue- moral excellence
  7. integrity- unity
  8. brisk- quick, lively
  9. anxiety- tension
  10. deterred- discouraged
  11. dedicated- proportions, measurements
2. Fill in the blanks with the given words.
[healthy, obese, recreation and enjoyment, self confidence, exercises, divert]
a. Games instill in the player a spirit of ……….
... Answer:
self confidence

b. A ……… person can work hard cheerfully.
... Answer:

c. While playing games, various………are performed automatically.
... Answer:

d. Games provide us with……….
... Answer:
recreation and enjoyment

e. Games enable us to ……… our mind from the nasty thinking.
... Answer:

f. Many children become ……… due to lack of participation in games.
... Answer:

Read and answer
1. Read the text again and answer the following questions.
a. How do games keep people physically fit?
... Answer:
Games keep people physically fit as they keep one away from diseases relating to the heart, obesity, mental stress and sleeplessness.

b. What qualities do people develop while playing games?
... Answer:
The qualities people develop while playing games are self-confidence, self-reliance, discipline, justice, fair play, patriotism, honesty, integrity and loyalty.

c. What is the relationship between playing games and exercising?
... Answer:
While playing games, various exercises are performed automatically..

d. Why are games very essential for students?
... Answer:
Games are very essential for students to make them strong both mentally and physically.

e. What happens to students if they grow up without sports?
... Answer:
Students become obese if they grow up without sports.

Rewrite the following sentences filling in the gaps with the best alternatives.
a. Each and every student ……. unique. (is, am, are)
... Answer:

b. Slow and steady ……. the race. (win, wins, has won)
... Answer:

c. No news ……. good news. (is, am, are)
... Answer:

d. A lot of boys …… coming. (is, am, are)
... Answer:

e. Every girl always …… homework. (do, does, did)
... Answer:

f. The quality of papers …… good. (is, are, were)
... Answer:

g. The teacher and the student …… going for a picnic. (is, are, am)
... Answer:

h. Writing many letters …… her happy. (make, makes, are making)
... Answer:

i. He is one of the boys that …… absent from my class yesterday. (is, were, was)
... Answer:

j. Ram as well as Shyam …… here. (is, are, has)
... Answer:

Write a short essay on one of the following topics.
  1. My School
  2. My Best Teacher
  3. The Game I Like Most
  4. My Hobby
  5. My Best Teacher
    A teacher is a good source of inspiration and knowledge for students. A child idolizes his teachers more than anyone else in his life. I study in SB Academy. There are about 30 teachers in my school. I like all of my teachers. They all are very kind and loving. But my best teacher is Miss Ruby Rai. She teaches us English.

    Miss Rai is intelligent and a master of her subject. This is one quality that impresses all the students. She speaks English fluently with clear pronunciation. In the classroom, she presents the lessons with full of fun. She makes English lessons so easy for all of us that we all enjoy it. She gives us assignments regularly and corrects them nicely. She makes us do English project work time to time and tells us to participate in various extra-curricular activities.

    She not only possesses excellent teaching techniques, but also has some other important qualities that a good teacher should have. She is much disciplined but not so strict. The students are not terrified of her. In fact, we feel at ease when she is around. She is very soft spoken, kind, gentle, helping and caring. She is always ready to listen patiently to the problems of the students. We eagerly wait for her period every day and feel very sad when she is absent.

    To sum up, Miss Rai is an ideal teacher for us. She teaches us about things in the world and shares with us her knowledge and wisdom. She also suggests us to choose the path of truth, eternal wisdom and everlasting virtues. All these qualities make her a favourite of mine and all the students.

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