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NEB Grade XI Compulsory English Note | Language Development | Unit-1 Word Classes (Parts of Speech)

NEB Grade XI Compulsory English Note | Language Development | Unit-1 Word Classes (Parts of Speech)

Word Classes

Word Classes (Parts of Speech) are the categories of words having grammatical or lexical functions. These categories can be 8, 9 or more in accordance with their function.

Word Classes (Parts of Speech)

1. Noun - any name of a person, place or thing, quality or activity

Sarah passed the test.

Honesty is the best policy.

Copper is a useful metal.

He lives in London.

Always speak the truth.

2. Pronoun - replaces a noun

Peter, you are a lazy boy.

Ryan brought his book and laid it on the table.

The man who had cheated my brother was arrested by the police.

This is the house which belongs to my sister.

Sam failed in what he attempted.

3. Adjective- describes a noun or pronoun, giving us more information

He is a brave boy.

The foolish old crow tried to sing.

The lazy boy was punished.

That child has a slight cold.

Open rebuke is better than secret love.

4. Determiner - comes before a noun to show how the noun is being used

Five people were killed in a road accident.

There are some letters here for your sister.

John is looking for his dictionary.

5. Verb- expresses an action, event or state

She sings beautifully.

We are playing basketball.

My sister is a doctor.

6. Adverb- modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb

He reads quite clearly.

He seldom comes here.

He looked up.

This story is well written.

7. Conjunction - joins words, phrases or sentences

Two and two make four.

Either take it or leave it.

Not only he is foolish, but also stubborn.

8. Preposition- used before a noun or pronoun to show place, position, time or method

There is a cow in the field.

He is fond of tea.

I have not slept since yesterday.

9. Interjection - expresses an emotion

Hello! What are you doing there?

Hurrah! We have won the game you doing there?

Alas! He is dead.

Word Class: Exercise

Classify the underlined words into different word classes.

a. The man who is wearing glasses is my uncle’s friend.

who- pronoun

wearing- verb

my- determiner

b. I bought a round table in the supermarket.

round- adjective

the- determiner

c. Alas, she is dead.
Alas- interjection

d. Hari works very hard all the time but his wife is very lazy.

hard- adverb

wife- noun

very- adverb

e. I have never been to Japan.
never- adverb

f. Ann drove a car safely.

Ann- noun

safely- adverb

g. Nobody has claimed it.

nobody- pronoun

it- pronoun

h. She cut her hand with a knife.

her- determiner

with- preposition

i. They have postponed the program because of rain.

have- verb

because of – preposition

rain- noun

j. Everybody comes to the party.
everybody- pronoun

k. All such people ought to be avoided.

all- determiner

such- determiner

l. All of the food has gone.
all- pronoun

m. What was that noise?
what- pronoun

n. One must not boast of one's own success.
one- pronoun

o. Nobody was there to rescue the child.
nobody- pronoun

p. Neither of the accusations is true.
neither- pronoun

q. Neither answer is correct.
neither- determiner

r. Here is the book that you lent me.

here- adverb

that- pronoun

s. Without health there is no happiness.

without- proposition

health- noun

happiness- noun

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