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NEB Grade XII Compulsory English Note | Language Development | Unit- 4 Hyperloop | Technology

NEB Grade XII Compulsory English Note | Language Development | Unit- 4 Hyperloop

Unit: 4


Working with words

A. Choose the correct words to complete the following sentences.

a. I think that covering up the facts is …………………… to lying really.

b. If there is not a substantial move to public transport, we will have …………………… and the whole regeneration will not work.

c. Each new leader would blame his …………… for all the evils of the past.

d. We have, in fact, ……………… a better world and have made it happen.

e. The main linear actuators of the …………………… systems are cylinders.

f. The barrel was short and the bullet emerged at …………………… speed.

g. The city is said to receive two-fifths of the total……………………delivered in the country.

h. It would still take four hours to get down, in a spiral of …………………… .

i. Apparently, the magician will be doing some …………………… on the stage tomorrow.

j. We might be experiencing some …………………… on this flight due to an approaching electrical storm.

B. Add three more words that are formed with the following prefixes.

a. hyper- hyperloop, hyperactive, hyperlink, hyperspace

b. ultra- ultrahigh, ultrashort, ultraviolet, ultramarine

c. up-uphill, upbeat, upbraid, upcycle, upcoming

d. over- overcoming, , overachieve, overage, overact

e. multi- multibillion, multichannel, multicultural, multigrade


Answer the following questions.

a. What is a hyperloop? How does it work?
A hyperloop is an ultra-high-speed ground transportation system for passenger and cargo. It could see freight and passengers travelling as high as 760mph (1,220 km/h), in a ‘floating’ pod which shoots through giant, low-pressure tubes, either above or below ground.

b. How is hyperloop more beneficial than the traditional trains?
Hyperloop is more beneficial than the traditional trains as it could be quicker and cheaper than traditional high speed trains.

c. Does hyperloop have a successful history? How?
No, it doesn't have a successful history as the idea of developing hyperloop was limited to the wagon and pneumatic tubes to send mail and packages between buildings.

d. Write the contributions of Robert Goddard and Elon Musk for the development of hyperloop.n

The clear predecessor of the hyperloop is the 'vactrain' concept developed by Robert Goddard early in the twentieth century. Since then, many similar ideas have been proposed.

Elon Musk, an entrepreneur who really reignited interest in the concept with his 'Hyperloop Alpha' paper in August 2013, which set out how a modern system would work and how much it would cost.

e. What relation does speed have with air resistance? Explain.
Overcoming air resistance is one of the biggest uses of energy in high speed travel. Airliners climb to high altitudes to travel through less dense air; in order to create a similar effect at ground level. Hyperloop encloses the capsules in a reduced-pressure tube, effectively allowing the trains to travel at airplane speeds while still on the ground.

f. What are hyperloop capsules compared with? How are they similar?
Hyperloop capsules are compared with a Boeing 747. They are similar as they will accelerate with the same tolerable G-forces.

g. How do the passengers feel while travelling via hyperloop? What will be done to make it luxurious?
While travelling via hyperloop, the passengers feel about the same as riding in an elevator or a passenger plane. Beautiful landscape will be displayed in the cabin and each passenger will have access to their own personal entertainment system.

h. Why does the writer doubt about the success of hyperloop? What does the success depend on?
The writer doubts about the success of hyperloop because a huge multibillion dollar investment is unanswered question, and the projects are still very in the pilot and experimental stages. The success of hyperloop will vary depending on the destinations, local economics, and geography.

Critical thinking

a. Is the hyperloop the future of transportation or just a dream? What do you think? Justify your opinion with suitable reasons.

Elon Musk, an entrepreneur, who developed the concept of hyperloop. He is an inventor and inventors love the idea of creating something new and revolutionary. People like him want to show the world the project of hyperloop is possible.

The project of hyperloop needs a large amount of investment. The concept of hyperloop has been around for a long time. There are well-funded companies battling to be the first to provide a working service. In spite of their optimistic timescales, these projects are still in the experimental stages. Critics argue that lots of pods will be needed to get the same passenger numbers as more traditional trains.

Now, hyperloop is at an experimental phase even if the firms involved are interested to talk about its potential. Despite their promise, new technologies take time to come to the fullest success.

Concludingly, nothing is impossible when we want to fulfill a dream. Considering the efforts made by innovators and inventors, hyperloop can be the future of transportation.

b. The number of private vehicles is increasing day by day in Nepal beyond the capacity of our infrastructure. What do you think should be done to curb the ever-growing number of private vehicles? Discuss.

There is a continuous rise in the owning of personal vehicles in Nepal. More and more people are able to afford the personal vehicles. Although they are advantageous to save time and to keep privacy, it results in negative development in the environment by increasing the level of pollution, traffic jams and road accidents. On the other hand, the poor infrastructure of roads is insufficient to hold the capacity of growing numbers of vehicles.

Concerned authorities and public are supposed to pay attention to this issue. Firstly, the existing roads should be expanded. Wide roads help to reduce the intense pressure of the vehicles. Secondly, the concerned authorities must restrict the use of old personal vehicles. This may decrease the number of private vehicles. Finally, people should be encouraged to use public transportations such as bus, train, etc. To promote the use of public transportation, the government has to take initiatives.

It is quite difficult to prevent people for purchasing and using the personal vehicles. However, convenient management is necessary to avoid the increasing numbers of vehicles and their negative impacts. For this, the government and citizens should go hand in hand.


B. Suppose you are the General Manager of Nepal Airlines. Issue a press release on behalf of the airlines about the cancellation of flights to the mountain regions due to the poor weather condition.

Press Release

10 September, 2021

Nepal Airlines has temporarily cancelled all domestic flights to the mountain regions due to the heavy rain throughout the country since last week. The cancellation is effective from 10 September 2021 till further notice.

Passengers having tickets for flights of 10 September, 2021 and onwards are eligible for full refund and date change charge will be waived off.

Nepal Airlines regrets for the inconvenience caused to the passengers due to the cancellation of Flights.

Sanju Thapa

General Manager


Subject verb agreement

B. Rewrite the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the brackets.

a. The invitation is for one person. I don’t mind whether you or she comes to the party.

b. Neither the MPs nor the Prime Minister has felt regret for the party split.

c. I don’t care whether he or she wins the lottery.

d. Either the Kantipur or the Republica is used for the advertisement.

e. She speaks in a strange accent. Neither I nor my sister understands her.

f. I forgot whether the singers or the actress is given the Film Fair Award last year.

g. Neither the tracksuit nor the pajamas fit me perfectly.

h. Neither the gas fire nor the electric heaters are suitable for room heating.

C. Correct the subjects or verbs that don’t agree with each other. Remember to use present tense in your corrections.

moves, is, does, are, considers, costs, prefers, has, fear, tries, knows, love, are, looks, are, finds, disappear, feels, calls