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Solution of English Grade IX || Unit 3 Dance (New Course)


Solution of English Grade IX || Unit 3 Dance (New Course)

Reading II


A. Find words from the story which are similar in meaning to the words given below.

a. man - lad, chap, fellow

b. came- walked up, arrived

c. clothes- dress

B. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given.

a. The storyteller is probably…

i. a comedian ii. a musician iii. an actor

Ans- a comedian

b. When he arrived at the disco, he first…..

i. saw his grandmother ii. saw some guys dancing iii. noticed a beautiful girl

Ans- ii. saw some guys dancing

c. Now his age may be about…

i. 20 years ii. 30 years iii. 40 years

Ans- iii. 40 years

d. The lovely girl….

i. didn’t dance ii. became nervous iii. danced at last

Ans-iii. danced at last

e. The story can be best described as…

i. humorous ii. serious iii. sad

Ans-i. humorous

Grammar II

A. Match the sentence halves.

a. I'd - vi. like to rent an apartment.

b. Would it be - iii. possible to invite my cousin?

c. Would you be able to- v. get me a ticket for the concert?

d. Could you recommend - i. a good dentist?

e. Can I book a- ii. a table for six?

f. Would - iv. you like me to call a taxi?

B. Complete the sentences in any way you like for making requests or offers.

a. Would you like me to help you with your homework?

b. Can I get you a cup of coffee?

c. Could you turn off the light in your room?

d. Would it be possible to make an appointment tomorrow?

e. Would you mind if I opened the window?

f. Could you possibly send someone to help me?

g. Would you like some help?

Writing II

Write a couple of paragraphs about any of dancing cultures or traditions in your community.


Kaura, also known as Kauda, is a folk dance. It is believed to have been started in the Magar community. It is also performed by the Gurung, Darai and Dura communities. Kaura is performed from Mid-January to mid- February during celebration of various festivals. It is also performed during marriage ceremony, rice feeding ceremony and naming ceremony. It is associated with its distinct costume, musical instruments, and rhythms.

Kaura was used to sing by Magar people while bringing wood and grass from the jungles to let others to know that they were there. One of the specialties of Kaura is that performers introduce themselves and ask about other's well being through the songs. Some express their concern that Kaura is losing its originality due to commercialization and external influence. Others are more optimistic thinking the changes are a natural part of the cultural evolution and increasing popularity.

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