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Solution of English Grade IX || Unit 8 || The Alternative Energy Sources || Science and Technology || Reading II

Unit 8

Solution of English Grade IX || Unit 8 || The Alternative Energy Sources || Science and Technology || Reading II

Reading II

The Alternative Energy Sources

A. Match the words with the meanings.

a. fleet- iii. a group of something

b. inflatable - iv. capable of being filled with air

c. harness- vii. to control and use the force or strength of something

d. vane -i. a flat plane that is moved by wind

e. skyscraper- ii. a very tall building

f. fission- v. the act or process of splitting the nucleus of an atom

g. bountiful -vi. in large quantities

B. Find the antonyms of the following words from the text.


modern - traditional

covered- revealed

fragrant- odour

bound - separated

inadequate- bountiful

C. Match the idea numbers with the correct idea.

a. Idea I- iv. solar energy

b. Idea II- v. energy through body movement

c. Idea III- i. wave energy

d. Idea IV - ii. hydrogen energy

e. Idea V - vi. altaeros energy

f. Idea VI- iii. energy through the fusion process

D. Answer the following questions.

a. How did JAXA prove the viability for the idea of space-based solar energy?

JAXA proved the viability for the idea of space-based solar energy by converting 1.8 kilowatts of electricity into microwaves, after which they wirelessly beamed them a distance of 50 metres.

b. What do we need to generate energy through our body movement?

To generate energy through our body movement, we need to wear a system that collects and converts it.

c. In what way are Idea III and V similar?

Idea III and V are similar as both ideas suggest we can generate energy with winds.

d. How can hydrogen be used as the source of energy?

Hydrogen can be used as the source of energy by separating it from the other elements.

e. Why do floating turbines seem more effective than tower-mounted turbines?

Floating turbines seem more effective than tower-mounted turbines because these turbines produce double energy of similar sized tower-mounted turbines.

f. Why is the fusion process environmentally friendly?

The fusion process is environmentally friendly because this process emits no pollutants or greenhouse gases and has no threat of nuclear meltdown unlike current nuclear fission reactors.

g. What does ITER stand for?

ITER stands for International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor.

Grammar II

A. Fill in the gaps with suitable relative pronouns.

a. Is that the spot ………………… you had the accident?


b. The photograph ………………… you saw was taken a long time ago.


c. Are those the students ………………… you were talking about?


d. Last week, I went to visit the town ………………… my friend lives.


e. This is the house ………………… my uncle and aunt live.


f. These are the girls ………………… work hard.


g. Krishna was the boy ………………… everyone appreciated.


h. This is the judge ………………… is known for her wise decisions.


i. This is the site ………….. I intend to build a house.


j. The tiger ………… terrified the villagers was sent to the zoo yesterday.


k. The tree …………… he cut down was not a large one.


l. Mt. Everest ………………… is the highest peak in the world, lies in Solukhumbu district.


B. Rewrite the following pairs of sentences using who, whom, whose, which/that, or where.

a. Are these the keys? You were looking for the keys.

Are these the keys which you were looking for?

b. Unfortunately, we couldn't attend the wedding. We were invited to the wedding.

Unfortunately, we couldn't attend the wedding which we were invited to.

c. What is the name of the hotel? Your brother works in the hotel.

What is the name of the hotel where your brother works?

d. The party wasn't enjoyable. We attended the party last Saturday.

The party which we attended last Saturday wasn't enjoyable.

e. What is the name of the boy? The boy's father is a dentist.

What is the name of the boy whose father is a dentist?

f. Who was the man? You talked to the man in the restaurant.

Who was the man to whom you talked in the restaurant?

g. What is the name of the shop? They sell medicine in the shop.

What is the name of the shop where they sell medicine?

h. Is this the man? The man donated all his property to a hospital.

Is this the man who donated all his property to a hospital?


Write a news article about Green Energy.

Green Energy

By Mike Chhetri

September 7

Green energy is any energy type that is generated from natural resources like sunlight, wind or water. It often comes from renewable energy sources, so it is perpetual in nature.

Many nations around the world have renewable energy contributing more that 20% of their total energy supply. A few countries generate all their electricity using green energy sources. Green energy resources exist over wide geographical areas in contrast to fossil fuels.

Green energy is beneficial to human beings in many ways. In addition to lighting, it is being used for running solar water heaters as well as cooling systems powered by renewable sources. Heat for industrial processes can be run using renewable electricity. Sustainable bio fuels and renewable electricity are growing in use for transportation.

Fossil fuels are the great threat to the green energy. Despite a huge potential in harnessing various renewable energy resources, they have not been sustainably captured because of geographical, technical, political, and economical barriers.

For promoting green energy, every nation should try to find more opportunities with collective efforts.

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