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Class 10 English Solution New Course | Unit 8 Common Hobbies- I

Unit 8
Class 10 English Solution New Course | Unit 8 Common Hobbies- I

Reading I

Common Hobbies

A. Write synonyms and antonyms for the following words from the text.

a. unrevealed (synonym)-hidden

b. sharpen (synonym)- hone

c. boring (antonym)- exciting

d. unexcited (antonym)- passionate

e. healing (synonym)-therapeutic

f. frame (synonym)-easel

B. Find the meanings of the following words/phrases from a dictionary and use them in sentences of your own.

a. Ignite - to set something on fire or to start something burning; to arouse or inspire strong emotions or reactions.

He used a matchstick to ignite the candles on the birthday cake.

b. In-demand - very popular or desired by many people.

Due to her skills and experience, she was always in-demand in the job market.

c. Let off - to release or discharge something or someone; to excuse or forgive someone from blame or punishment.

The police officer let off the driver with a warning instead of issuing a ticket.

d. A notch - a V-shaped cut or indentation; a degree or level of measurement.

He turned up the volume a notch so that he could hear the music more clearly.

e. Passionate - having or expressing strong emotions or feelings; enthusiastic or zealous about something.

She is a passionate advocate for animal rights and works tirelessly to promote their welfare.

f. Refurbishing - renovating, repairing or restoring something to make it look or work like new again.

The company is currently refurbishing their old office building to modernize it and improve working conditions.

g. A blog - a website or online platform where a writer or group of writers share their opinions, experiences or information on a particular topic.

Sentence: She writes a fashion blog where she posts about her personal style and fashion trends.

h. Hanging out - spending time with someone in a relaxed or casual way; loitering or lingering in a public place.

We spent the afternoon hanging out at the beach, playing volleyball and enjoying the sun.

C. Write True if the information is true, False if it is false and NG, if the information is not given in the text.

a. Outdoor hobbies are more popular than indoor hobbies.


b. You need more effort for reading than for other hobbies.


c. Only good dancers choose dancing as their hobby.


d. Antiques are also used for interior decoration in a house.


e. Paintings can be used to express your feelings.


f. People who choose photography as their hobbies are pro photographers.


g. Keeping journals helps people become successful.


h. Flexibility in time and place is the best part of knitting.


D. Answer these questions.

a. What aspects of our life influence the hobbies we choose?

The aspects of our life that influence the hobbies we choose include our interests, personality, skills, cultural values, and availability of resources.

b. What makes reading the most popular hobby?

Reading is the most popular hobby because it is a versatile activity that can be enjoyed alone or with others, it can be done anywhere, and it provides opportunities for learning, entertainment, and personal growth.

c. How can people practise dancing?

People can practise dancing by putting some music on in their living room, or joining a dance studio, or taking some online dancing courses.

d. What things are necessary for one to go with painting?

Some paints and brushes are the things that are necessary for one to go with painting.

e. Write the benefits of doing photography.

Doing photography allows us to preserve memories, and create beautiful pictures that we can display on our walls.

f. Why has writing become a popular hobby?

Writing has become a popular hobby because of the freedom it offers. People can write about anything and everything, from how they spent their day to new recipes.

g. How can knitting be rewarding to a person?

Knitting can be rewarding to a person because it gives us the chance to make good use of our free time.

E. Do you think a person's hobby really helps him/her in professional career? Discuss.

Yes, a person's hobby can help them in their professional career. Engaging in a hobby can develop skills that are transferable to the workplace, such as creativity, time management, problem-solving, and attention to detail. For example, a person who enjoys photography may develop an eye for detail and composition that can be applied to graphic design or marketing. Likewise, a person who enjoys playing team sports may develop leadership and communication skills that can be valuable in a management role. Additionally, having a hobby that one is passionate about can help to reduce stress and increase job satisfaction, leading to higher productivity and better job performance. Overall, a person's hobby can be a valuable asset in their professional career, providing transferable skills, stress relief, and increased job satisfaction.

Grammar I

A. Complete the following sentences with the correct passive forms of the verbs.

a. Ganga feeds the clogs.

The dogs are fed by Ganga.

b. The police catch a lot of criminals in London.

A lot of criminals are caught in London.

c. They often help us.

We are often helped.

d. They don't rent cars there.

Cars aren't rented there.

e. Do you turn the laptop on first?

Is the laptop turned on first?

f. Somebody follows me home every evening.

Every evening I am followed home.

g. We usually leave a saucer of milk for the cat.

A saucer of milk is usually left for the cat.

h. I like journalists following me on the way.

I like being followed on the way.

i. I loathe people pulling my hair.

I loathe having my hair pulled.

j. Ashmina adores teachers checking her notebooks.

Ashmina adores having her notebooks checked.

k. Deuniya does not mind anyone mocking at him.

Deuniya does not mind being mocked at him.

B. Change the following sentences into passive voice.

a. The gardener waters the flowers every day.

The flowers are watered every day by the gardener.

b. People see foxes in their gardens at night.

Foxes are seen in their gadens at night.

c. We expect students not to talk during examination.

Students are expected not to talk during examination.

d. Rivers of fresh water form this lake.

This lake is formed by rivers of fresh water.

e. National parks attract many domestic and foreign tourists.

Many domestic and foreign tourists are attracted by National parks.

f. They promise him higher wages.

He is promised hight wages.

g. Does Biraj always beat Balgopal?

Is Balgopal always beaten by Biraj?

h. Nobody knows the secret.

The secret is not known.

i. They are sure to help the helpless.

The helpless are sure to be helped.

j. Scientists have to discover a more effective vaccine for Covid-19.

A more effective vaccine for Covi-19 has to be discovered by scientists.

k. What do they prefer to eat?

What is preferred to eat?

l. Sources say most people in the region are still illiterate.

Most of the people are said to be still illiterate.

Writing I

People have different hobbies and interests which may lead them to their careers they adopt. Write an essay on your hobbies explaining how they might influence your career.

My Hobby

Hobbies are activities that people do in their free time to relax and have fun. They may include anything from playing sports, reading, writing, painting, or even gardening. Hobbies not only provide us with a chance to unwind and take our minds off work or school, but they can also influence our career choices.

In my case, writing is my hobby, and it has helped me develop my communication and language skills. Writing has allowed me to express my thoughts and emotions through words and helped me become more creative in my thinking process. Additionally, my writing hobby has exposed me to different styles of writing, from academic to creative writing, which has increased my versatility as a writer.

My writing hobby has influenced my career choices as well. As a result of my love for writing, I decided to pursue a career in journalism. Journalism has enabled me to utilize my writing skills in a professional setting and has allowed me to communicate effectively with a broader audience. My writing hobby has also provided me with the foundation to work as a freelance writer, which has helped me gain more writing experience and earn a living doing what I love.

Moreover, writing has also opened up other career opportunities for me, such as content writing, copywriting, and technical writing. These careers have provided me with a chance to showcase my writing skills and expand my horizons in the writing field.

In conclusion, hobbies can have a significant impact on our careers. They can help us develop skills and knowledge that are transferable to different fields. In my case, writing has provided me with the tools to excel in the journalism field, and it has opened up many doors for me. Therefore, I would encourage everyone to pursue their hobbies, as they may hold the key to a fulfilling career.

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