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Class 10 English Solution New Course | Unit 17 The Country Mouse and the City Mouse-II

Unit 17
Class 10 English Solution New Course | Unit 17 The Country Mouse and the City Mouse-II

Reading II

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse by Ruchard Scrafton Sharpe

A. Match the following words with their correct meanings.

a. snug - iv. warm, comfortable and protected, especially from the cold

b. unmolested - ix. not disturbed or attacked by anything

c. stray - i. move away aimlessly from the place where one should be

d. frown - x. a facial expression indicating disapproval or displeasure

e. horrid - ii. very unpleasant, rough

f. reluctant - iii. unwilling and hesitant

g. custard - v. a sweet yellow sauce made from milk, sugar, eggs, and flour

h. trifle - vii. a cold dessert of sponge cake and fruit

i. regale - vi. entertain or amuse somebody with talk

j. endure - viii. to deal with something painful or unpleasant

B. Write whether the following statements are true or false.

a. The country mouse was happy with the way she was living.


b. The country mouse enjoyed the grand meal every day.


c. The town mouse was unhappy with the food he was served.


d. The town mouse invited the country mouse for a dinner in the town.


e. In the town, the country mouse was served delicious food.


f. There was no peace for the mice in the town.


C. Answer these questions.

a. How did the country mouse live?

The country mouse lived in a cottage in the fields.

b. Why did the town mouse go to the country?

The town mouse went to the country to visit the country mouse.

c. Was the country mouse happy to get an invitation to visit the town? Why?

Yes, the country mouse was happy to get an invitation to visit the town because she was curious about the town's food and wanted to experience a different lifestyle.

d. What happened while the mice were having dinner?

While the mice were having dinner in the town, the dog, cat, and maid with a broom entered the room and interrupted their meal.

e. What did the country mouse request her friend for?

The country mouse requested her friend to safely take her away from the town because she couldn't tolerate the disturbances and wanted to return to her simple life with bacon and peas.

D. Do you live in a town or a country? What are the advantages and disadvantages of living there?

I live in a country. Living in the countryside offers a peaceful and beautiful lifestyle. I can wake up to the sounds of birds, breathe fresh air, and enjoy stunning landscapes. There's plenty of space for gardens and outdoor activities, and you can find solitude and privacy. The tight-knit community provides a sense of belonging and support. Engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and biking is easily accessible. While there may be some trade-offs, the advantages of country living make it a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Grammar II

Complete the following sentences using the correct connectives given below.

[because, because of, although, however, despite/in spite of, but]

a. Although it was summer, the days were rather cold.

b. A piece of stone struck the workman's head; however, he was not hurt.

c. I like popcorn, but I don't like pizza.

d. Despite her age, she is still working very hard.

e. Although Narayan is a skillful worker, he can't read and write very well.

f. Because petrol had become so expensive, Brian sold his car and bought a motorcycle.

g. I took a taxi because it was raining.

h. All flights were cancelled because of the fog.

i. Despite feeling unwell, she went to school.

j. Prinja felt cold, although she was wearing a winter coat.

Writing II

Lamidada Village: Nepal's Hidden Gem of Natural Beauty and Charm

The villages of Nepal that are untouched by modernity are the treasure of true natural beauty. They still hold their simplicity and rural appeal. There are several such hidden charms in the country. Larnidadd Village is one of them. Describe the villages using the following information.

Lamidada Village, located in the Khotang district of Nepal, is a hidden gem that retains its untouched natural beauty and rural charm. With stunning landscapes, this village offers a picturesque view of agricultural lands, traditional houses, and breathtaking mountain vistas.

The village is predominantly inhabited by the Rai people, and their rich cultural heritage can be observed in the traditional houses and the way of life. The villagers are known for their humility and warm hospitality, welcoming visitors with open arms.

As we walk along the stone-paved path uphill, we'll witness the villagers carrying woods from the dense forest, highlighting their sustainable way of life. The forest surrounding the village is lush and vibrant, contributing to the overall natural beauty and ecological diversity of the area.

The weather in Lamidada Village varies throughout the day. In the morning, you may experience a slight chill in the air, which adds a refreshing touch to the surroundings. However, as the day progresses, the temperature rises, and the village basks in warm sunshine. This comfortable climate allows for various outdoor activities and exploration of the village's natural wonders.

Lamidada Village serves as a gateway to the sacred temple of Halesi Mahadev, adding a spiritual significance to its already captivating ambiance. The combination of untouched natural beauty, rural simplicity, and cultural richness makes Lamidada Village a true treasure worth discovering in Nepal.

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