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Class 8 (Eight) Grammar || Voice: Active and Passive Voice

Class 8 (Eight) Grammar ||  Voice: Active and Passive Voice
Study Note - Unit 1

Voice: Active and Passive

The term "voice" refers to the form of a verb that indicates whether the subject of a sentence is the doer of the action or the receiver of the action. There are two primary voices in English grammar: the active voice and the passive voice.

Active Voice:

In the active voice, the subject performs the action of the verb.

Example: The cat chased the mouse.

In this sentence, "The cat" is the subject and is performing the action of chasing.

Passive Voice:

In the passive voice, the subject is the receiver of the action. The focus is on the recipient of the action rather than the doer.

Example: The mouse was chased by the cat.

In this sentence, "The mouse" is the subject, but it is receiving the action of being chased by "the cat."

Active and Passive Voice Exercise

Task A

Change the following sentences into passive voice.

a. We hang the jacket over there.

b. The police caught the bank robbers.

c. The workmen are cutting down the tall trees in the street.

d. These activities will build up his confidence.

e. Are they talking about the football tournament?

f. My brother is drinking a cup of tea.

g. Will he have posted the letter?

h. His mother is milking the cows.

i. Tara hit the tree with her stick.

j. The boy jumped off the wall.

k. Many tourists have visited that park.

l. Someone will have finish the work by tomorrow.

m. The children were watching the birds.

n. They were painting the house when I arrived.

o. Scientists have conducted experiments to test the hypothesis.

p. Over one-third of the students failed the entrance exam.

q. I have damaged your bicycle.

r. They will have completely remixed the sound track.

s. They will publish the result in the next issue of the journal.

t. Someone promised him a party if we passed the test.

u. A powerful earthquake toppled more than two dozen homes.

v. The police locked up the criminal.

Task B

Change the following sentences into passive:

a. Anu is going to make a beautiful dinner tonight.

b. They will have completed the project before the deadline.

c. My mother would always make the pies.

d. They have broken the window pane.

e. The yellow car ran over the cat.

f. The students must do the homework.

g. Some people were planting trees.

h. The students are doing the exercises.

i. The farmer has been rearing the goats for a long time.

j. Many people visit Pokhara every year.

k. She is reading an e-mail.

l. Alan teaches Geography.

m. Most of the class is reading the book.

n. You should open your workbooks.

o. Are you sure you have shut the door?

p. Somebody stole the jewelry.

q. The alarm clock woke me up at 5 0'clock.

r. Nobody must lose his passion.

Task C

Change the following sentences as indicated in the brackets:

a. They put the books on the table. (into passive)

b. The knife was left on the table by Julie. (into active)

c. The car had been driven into a wall by a naughty child. (into active)

d. They could not keep the thing secret. (into passive)

e. The crisp packet was thrown away. (into active)

f. Jooni and Kunal hurt themselves in an accident yesterday. (into passive)

g. They make shoes in that factory. (into passive)

h. The house was being painted when I arrived. (into active)

i. The students will finish the course by July. (into passive)

j. The football was kicked by Suman. (into active)

k. They make these tools of plastic. (into passive)

l. They had finished the preparations by the time the guests arrived. (into passive)

m. The bicycle was stolen last week. (into active)

n. The dishes have to be washed by them every day. (into active)

o. The entrance exam was failed by over one-third of the students. (into active)

p. The boy was bitten by the dog. (into active)

q. Water is drunk by everybody. (into active)

r. They built that bridge in 1934. (into passive)

s. A new factory is going to be built in Pokhara. (into active)

t. The phone was being used by Mr. Yadav. (into active)

u. They are going to forget everything. (into passive)

v. The egg was laid by the bird. (into active)

w. They are repairing the streets this month. (into passive)

x. We must allow children to do what they want to. (into passive)

y. The milk had been knocked over by a cat. (into active)

z. We feed our horses well. (into passive)

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