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NEB-Grade- XII Compulsory English Question-2076 (2019)

NEB-Grade- XII Compulsory English Question-2076 (2019)
                                                                                                                          Sub. Code: 210 ‘B’
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far
as practicable. The figure in the margin indicates full marks.
Time: 3hrs                                                                                               Full Marks:100
Attempt all the questions.
1.      Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. 5x3=15
There is quite a debate on whether or not computers have positively affected education. Some proponents of computers in school argue the fact that computers are vast in the supply of resources as well as the fact that computers dominate society and will continue to do so. Opponents of computers in education take the position of experiencing things actually, and not just on a computer screen, a reality versus virtual reality argument.  In addition, there is the aspect of time involved with using a computer as opposed to interaction with actual living things. Computers have in many ways enhanced education but it has also weakened other skills taught in school as well.

The first skill lost is obvious with the use of the word processing programmes today. Of course, they are convenient for typing papers because of the neatness and uniformity they provide as opposed to hand writing. Computers also make it easy to correct mistakes without using white out or scratching out words. However, it is discouraging children to learn how to spell correctly, use correct grammar and in some word processing programmes use more vibrant and exciting words.
a.        According to the speaker, how is computer discouraging children?
b.        What do the opponents of computers claim?
c.        What advantages do computer typing have over handwriting?
d.        What do the proponents of computer argue?
e.        Summarize the passage in one sentence. 
2.      Answer any five of the following
a.        Explain the significance of the repetition of the words…. “how, dull, quick sound- much such a sound as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton”. Does this sound encourage the narrator to commit crime? (The Tell- Tale Heart)
b.        Why does Hansel drop shiny pebbles on the way to the forest? (Hansel and Gretel)
c.        Why are the children like Tammy waiting for the adoption? (The Children Who Wait)
d.        How does the narrator plan to reconcile his life of toil with civilized living? (About Love)
e.        Does death have any meaning in the poem? Explain. (Full Fathom Five…)
f.         What message does the boy’s aunt leave in the kitchen before she goes to her mother’s home? (A Story)
3.      Answer any one of the following questions.10
a.        How does Pinkham emerge in the pages of newspapers and magazines? What does she claim to get the trust of people? Does she get a success? (Women’s Business)
b.        Summarize the story ‘The Boarding House’ in your own words, avoiding the repetition and other unnecessary words.
4.      Rewrite these sentences using seem (to be). 5
a.          Mr. Thapa is very friendly.
b.          He is very civilized.
c.          He studies hard.
d.          He is always ready to help others.
e.          He scores excellent marks.
5.      Change these yes/no questions below into information questions; as in the example. 5
Example: Did Manoj leave for Dhangadi at 4O’colck?
What time did Manoj leave for Dhangadi?
a.          Are the juniors jogging/ playing?
b.          Do you like to read novels/ stories?
c.          Is your relative suffering from cold/ fever? 
d.          Did he use half inch/ one-inch screws?
e.          Are you taking your bicycle or mine?
6.      Report the remarks below, beginning: He told me ……5
a.            I have been working for four hours.
b.            She has had her meal in the college canteen.
c.            I will do my responsibility honestly.
d.            Students are trying their best for excellent achievement.
e.            Health workers are demanding better remuneration.
7.        Rewrite the following sentences, using the past perfect tense in the spaces given. 5
a.            I wanted to highlight all the programmes I _______
b.            My sister showed me the marks she ________
c.            Students wanted to study all the books they __________
d.            The teachers visited all the places they ________  
e.            I could not repair the telephone that ________
8.        Change the sentences below, using; 5
           i.              As soon as + past + past
          ii.              As soon as + past perfect + past, whichever is appropriate.
a.          They saw the vase and like it immediately.
b.          I dropped the chalk and it broke.
c.          He reached home and started doing his assignment.
d.          The prime minister resigned and president called the leader of opposition.
e.          I paid the bill and left the restaurant.
9.        Change the following remarks using supposed to. 5
a.            They say that the sun is becoming hotter.
b.            People say she was born on board a ship.
c.            I have heard that prices of every day needs are decreasing.
d.            They say that he was a lorry driver a one time.
e.            I am told that garlic stops you catching a cold.
10.    Write a description of your friend who is leaving for Mustang today. 5
11.    Write a paragraph expressing your attitude towards the people who talk aloud in public transport. (Use the Way …… structure) 5
12.    Write an essay on ‘Nepal: A Safe Destination for Tourism’. Talk about peaceful environment, hygiene living and tempting landscape.10
13.    Write a job application for the position of teaching assistant (part time) that has fallen vacant in your college. State your age, qualification and experiences. Write to: the principle, xyz college. 10

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