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Moral Stories- Part Two

Moral Stories- Part Two
 Moral Story: The Little Prince
Moral Stories- Part Two
On a blue planet lived a little prince and a beautiful rose. The rose was the prince's only friend and he loved her very much. But the rose was too proud and temperamental and the little prince began to find her tiresome.

One day, the little prince was so annoyed with the rose that he left his planet, hoping to find some new friends elsewhere. Hoping to find new friends, the little prince went to another planet. There he met an arrogant and overbearing King, who was sitting on a great throne. The King appointed the little prince Minister of Justice. He ordered his new Minister to sentence a rat to death. Unwilling to give the poor rat the death penalty, the little prince left and continued on his journey to find new friends.

The little prince arrived at a second planet where he met a very vain person.The vain person insisted that the little prince clap his hands to applaud and admire him. The little prince was asked to do this over and over again. In the end, he couldn't stand it any longer so he left for another planet. The little prince reached a third planet.

There he met a drunkard who spent all his time drinking. The little prince asked the man why he drank so much. The man answered, " Drinking assists me to forget my grief." "You spoil yourself just to forget your sadness? That's nonsense!", said the little prince and, feeling disappointed, he left again.

The little prince landed on the fourth planet where he met a businessman who only cared about money. The little prince asked, "How much would you need to be content?" The businessman replied greedily, "Enough to own all of the stars in the sky!" The little prince didn't want to have anything to do with this greedy businessman, so he set off for the next planet.

Soon the little prince arrived at the fifth planet. The planet was so tiny that it was only big enough for a lamp and the person who looked after it. The person's job was to light the lamp at night and put it out in the morning. The job kept him very busy. The little prince thought he might be a good friend. However, the planet was too small to fit another person. Reluctantly, the little prince waved goodbye to the man.

The little prince landed on the sixth planet. A geographer who lived there,encouraged the little prince to go and try his luck on Earth. The Little Prince set off to visit the Earth. It looked like a blue diamond and he hoped he could find some new friends there.

Finally, the little prince arrived on Earth. Unlike all the other planets he had visited, there were lots of people on it and everyone was different. The little prince was very disappointed to discover that, even amongst so many people, he couldn't find any good friends. Having travelled so far, the little prince began to miss his own planet and his friend, the rose. So, he left the Earth and headed back to his own planet. The little prince returned to his own planet where he finally realized that the beautiful rose was truly his best friend. He lived happily with his friend ever after.
Moral Story: The River and the Mountain
Moral Stories- Part Two
One day the river said to herself, “Do I have to keep flowing all my life, can't I stop and rest for a little while?” She needed advice. So, she went to the mountain and shared her thoughts with him. The mountain just smiled and said, “Hey, look at me. I have been standing in the same place for ages.”

The river replied, “You are robust and fixed in one place, how could you ever get weary.  Look at me I have to be on the move all the time.  I don't get to rift for even a single minute.”  

The mountain laughed. “That’s how you see it but I get tired of being here. Every day I see the same trees and the same patch of sky, sometimes I wish I could run around like the river, visit new forests and villages, water the fields, give life and be so truly loved by all.”, said the mountain.

The river interrupted, “That's strange, your life is so contented and calm, but you feel this way.”

The mountain responded affectionately, “You are praised by everyone. You flow for the sake of others and that's not all after giving away so much. You offer whatever remains to the sea.”

On hearing this the river bowed down to the mountain and sets with great enthusiasm, “You are absolutely right, my brother. The true purpose of my life is to give life to others. Thank you for your kind wisdom.”, she said. Then while the mountain smiled at her newfound positive energy, she gushed away with a loud gurgle feeling very happy.

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