Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Social Studies Note for Grade X | Unit- 7 | Lesson- 8 Economic and Social Effects After People's Movement-II

Social Studies Note for Grade X | Unit- 7 | Lesson- 8 Economic and Social Effects After People's Movement-II
Economic and Social Effects After People's Movement-II

With the aim to restore people's right over the state authority, People's Movement-II was launched for 19 days from 24th Chaitra, 2062 BS to 11th Baishakh, 2063 BS. This movement restored democratic system in the country. Many political incidents occurred after this movement. Lots of social and economic changes were made.

Social Effects

Proportional inclusiveness

The principle of inclusiveness was adopted. It brought all the citizens of backward class, region, caste, language, gender, etc. into the mainstream of development. It also ensured the participation of such citizens in the state affairs by ending all kinds of discrimination and oppression.

Affirmative action

A provision of special privileges and opportunities has been made to the women, indigenous nationalities, Madhesi, Dalit and people with disability and from backward region on the basis of percentage. They are also provided with reservation in services and facilities to be provided by the state. It is to compensate them for past injustices.

End of discrimination

The custom of discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, language, region, gender, etc. has been eliminated. The discrimination in the name of so-called upper caste and lower caste is now almost ended. Women have now reached at the highest positions of the state affairs. Madhesi people, who were backward regionally, have now reached in the level of ruling access.

Easy lifestyle

After the success of People's Movement-II, development activities were operated smoothly because the existing conflict came to the end and peace was restored. Rapid development of education, employment, communication, transportation, etc. has made the lifestyle of people easier and comfortable.

Increase in awareness

The level of people's awareness has increased. Literacy has increased more than 65%. People have become conscious about their health. They are capable enough to identify the corruption and complain against it. People have now started to be united for the development.

End of social evils

Prosperity of the community and nation has risen above the political thought, caste, religion or any other matter. Activities like cooperation, teamwork and friendship are rapidly increasing among the people which have ultimately contributed to remove the evil practices from the society.

Economic Effects

Reduction in poverty

Poverty alleviation projects are running in various parts of the country by different donor countries and agencies. Top priority has been given for the rapid economic growth by the government. Remittance is increasing day by day. Foreign management is gradually being managed. Consequently, the rate of poverty is decreasing and economic condition of the country is improving.

Increase in economic growth rate

After the People's Movement-II, the country has made economic progress. Periodic plans are in operation in the country. Economic growth rate is gradually increasing. Large development projects are running in various parts of the country.

Increase in foreign investment

The end of conflict and restoration of peace opened the door to foreign investment. Many multinational companies are interested to invest in Nepal. Non-resident Nepalese are also investing in many sectors in the country. BIPPA and other agreements on transportation, cooperation, grant, etc. have been made with various countries.

Increase in employment opportunity

New destinations for the foreign employment have been identified. Increasing service sectors like private schools, colleges, banks, etc. are providing job opportunities to the people. The government has brought various schemes related to self-employment.


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