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Solution of English Grade IX || Unit 18 || Wright Brothers || Reading I

Unit 18
Solution of English Grade IX || Unit 18 || Wright Brothers || Reading I

Reading I

Wright Brothers

A. The meanings of the words are given below. Find the words from the text above.

a. a……. equipment that are useful but not essential


b. d……. an action of going down


c. a…….. connected with the science or practice of building and flying aircraft


d. s……. fixed in a place or position, supported or balanced; constant


e. e……. a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery


f. p…… to cause pain or trouble to somebody over a period of time


C. State whether the following statements are true or false.

a. The Wright brothers sold copies of toy helicopters at the market.


b. They had a printing business in their cycle shop.


c. The experience of cycling helped them to generate ideas for controlling and balancing aircraft.


d. The wing warping system controls the aircraft in a roll.


e. They learned more about balancing by watching other aircraft fly.


f. Their first experimentation was with a kite.


g. Wilbur Wright was the pilot of their 1903 Flyer.


h. Their aircraft could only fly straight.


D. Put the following events from the text above in chronological order.

The correct order is:

d. Milton Wright brought home a toy helicopter.

f. The children made copies of the toy helicopter.

h. The Wright brothers started a printing business.

b. The Wright brothers opened a cycle shop.

g. The Wright brothers began their aeronautical research.

a. Their first Flyer took off under its own power with a pilot.

c. The Wright brothers developed a machine overcoming complex technical problems.

E. Answer the following questions.

a. What services did the Wright brothers offer from the cycle shop?

Initially, they sold and repaired bicycles. They would replace spokes, fix broken chains, and sell accessories. In 1896, they began to build their won brand of bicycles.

b. How did their cycle business help them to build an aircraft?

Their cycle business helped them in the investigations of flight.

c. How did the brothers develop the idea of balance and control in the flight of an aircraft?

The brothers developed the idea of balance and control in the flight of an aircraft using the technology they learned from their bicyles business.

d. What was their first aircraft like?

Their first aircraft was like a small kite.

e. What did they do to create the flight conditions?

To create the flight conditions, they tested small model wings in a wind tunnel they had built.

f. What is "wing warping"?

"Wing warping" was an early system for roll control of a fixed-wing aircraft.

g. When and where did the first Flyer take off?

The first Flyer took off at 10:35 am at Kill Devil Hills, NC.

h. What progress had they made by 1904?

They achieved the first circular flight of an airplane by 1904.

i. What was the world's first practical airplane like?

The world's first practical airplane was repeatedly banked, turned, circled, and flown in figure eights.

Grammar I

B. Choose the correct words from the brackets and fill in the blanks.

a. Shishir was ………..injured in a car accident. (serious/seriously)


b. The other passengers sustained……..injuries. (serious/ seriously)


c. You behaved very ………… (selfish/selfishly)


d. Riyasa is ……….upset for having lost the job. (terrible/ terribly)


e. There was a ……..change in the weather. (sudden/suddenly)


f. All the men and women had worn…….dresses. (colourful/ colourfully)


g. Lalita was ……………..dressed. (colourful/colourfully)


h. Rajkumar fell off the roof and hurt himself quite ……(bad/ badly)


i. Netra was trying ……….to win Nirmal's trust. (hard/hardly)


j. Don't climb that tree. It doesn't look…….(safe/safely)


k. He gave me an …….look when I interrupted him. (angry/ angrily)


l. Look at that snake! It seems very ………. (dangerous/dangerously)


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