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Class 7 English || Unit 1 Solution || A Job Interview

Class 7 English || Unit 1 Solution || A Job Interview
Job Interview

Job Interview

Match the words in column 'A' with their meanings in column 'B'

a. traffic - v. the vehicles that are on a road

b. interview - iii. a formal meeting in which somebody is asked questions

c. position - i. post

d. department - ii. a section of a large organisation

e. part-time - iv. for part of the day or week

Write True or False for the following statements

a. John and Mike are talking in the afternoon. - False

b. The traffic was lighter in the morning. - True

c. Mike works as the manager. - True

d. John is still studying at a college. - True

e. John is doing a part-time job. - True

Complete the sentences with missing words

a. I am the Finance Department Manager.

b. There is an open position in my department.

c. Please, tell me a little bit about the position.

d. I am studying at a college.

e. I've been working part-time as a clerk for the last two years.

Complete the conversation with 'a/an or the'

Nancy: Thank you for calling the Sports Center. May I help you?

Lisa: I bought an exercise bike from your store last year, and I am having problems with it. I need to have it repaired.

Nancy: Let me connect you to the service department. One moment please.

Karen: Service department, this is Karen. How can I help you?

Lisa: I bought an exercise bike from the Sports Center last year and it needs to be repaired.

Karen: What seems to be the problem?

Lisa: I am not very sure, but I think there is a problem with the bike’s computer console because the LCD screen does not display the different features.

Karen: Nothing was on when you pushed the start button?

Lisa: No, nothing.

Karen: Someone will come to take a look at your bike.

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