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Class 7 English || Unit 5 Solution || The Three Merchants

Class 7 English || Unit 5 Solution || The Three Merchants

Reading I

The Three Merchants

A. Answer these questions:

a. Where would the bird fly to search for someone?

- The bird would fly from tree to tree to search for someone.

b. What would the bird do with the person?

- The bird would play with and talk to the person.

A. Complete the sentences with the words/phrases from the box.

dishonest, merchants, bathhouse, appeared, distant, promised, handed over

a. People who buy and sell goods in large quantities are merchants.

b. It is 450 km to the city. It's in a distant location.

c. A public building in which there are baths, steam rooms, etc. is called a bathhouse.

d. I requested the money from him. He handed over a cheque for Rs. 5000.

e. He always cheats people. He is a dishonest person.

f. While we were dancing, my father appeared around the corner of the house.

g. They arrived at 7:30 a.m. as they had promised.

B. Write True or False for the following statements./

a. The three merchants used to live in three different towns. False

b. They earned a good amount of money. True

c. The old man was their banker. False

d. The old man refused to give the money back to one merchant at first. True

e. The dishonest merchant's grandfather was really ill. False

f. The old man gave back the money to the two merchants too. False

C. Answer the following questions.

a. What agreement did the merchants make with each other?

- The merchants agreed to work together and share their profits.

b. What did they start to do in the town?

- They started to sell their goods.

c. How did they earn a good amount of money?

- They earned a good amount of money by trading their goods successfully in the new town.

d. Why did they give the bag of money to the old man?

- They gave the bag of money to the old man because they trusted him and there were no banks to keep their money safe.

e. Did the first merchant really want to buy a bath ticket? Why?

- No, the first merchant did not really want to buy a bath ticket; he wanted to deceive the old man into giving him the bag of money.

f. Why did the old man give the money to the first merchant?

- The old man gave the money to the first merchant because he was tricked into believing that all three merchants were present.

Writing I

Imagine that you are the old man. Write a message thanking your friend for the advice.

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for your wise advice. I was very worried about how to handle the situation with the three merchants and their money. Your suggestion to only give the money back when all three of them are present together was brilliant. It saved me from a lot of trouble. I am grateful for your help and support.

Best regards,
John Smith

Grammar I

B. Complete the sentences with the correct phrases used in A above.

a. You should study hard if you want to improve your English.

b. You shouldn't quit the job. You will be short of money.

c. You could get your mum a mobile phone for her birthday.

d. You should watch that movie. It is really good.

e. Why don't you get a new pencil?

f. How about getting a new book? This one is already torn.

g. How about going to the new restaurant? It's just opened.

h. If I were you, I would help her. She really needed help.

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