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Class IX (Social Studies- Unit -1 We and Our Society)

Class IX (Social Studies- Unit -1 We and Our Society)

Society and Its Development
The term 'society' is derived from the Latin word 'socious'. In Latin language, 'socious' means a friendship or relation between parties that are friendly. Thus, a society is an organized form of form of friendship and mutual relationship or a part of a community having common traditions, institutions and collective activities and interests.
Human societies are characterized by patterns of social relations between individuals who share a distinctive culture, institutions and same geographical or social territory. Every member is active in the society for achieving common aim and objectives. In fact, a society is the network of the relationships between the individuals. 
Relationship Between Individual and Society
An individual is a wise and conscious creature. He/She lives in the society where his/her existence is possible. There is no existence of society without constituent members too. Hence, the existence of an individual and a society is not possible without each other. There is close relationship between individuals and a society.
Characteristics of Society
1.    A society is dynamic in nature as the needs of individuals change along with the change in time. 
2.    It is a network of cultured social relationship. 
3.    It is associated in the institutional development on the basis of certain objectives, policy and norms. 
4.    Every member of a society protects his/her right in the society. 
5.    Social development is the main aim of a society. 
6.    There is a feeling of ownership, mutual interaction, activeness and unity in the society. 
7.    There is common aim and need of individuals living in a society. 
8.    There is mutual relationship between the members of a society. 
Development of Society
Development refers to a positive and progressive change in somebody or something. It is something new observed in quality or quantity of something or somebody. We can observe many changes in the society. The positive change in the social incidents, process and structure, etc. is known as the development of society. Development of society indicates the entire change including internal and external structure of society. In addition, development of society means transformation of social structure, social relations, social institutions, etc. in their new form. Every society is transforming from simple to complex, equal to unequal, unity to diversity, uncivilized to civilized and primitive to modern.
1.    Characteristics of Development of Society
2.    It is a universal process. 
3.    It is a collective change. 
4.    It is a process of transformation. 
5.    It is usual and planned. 
6.    It cannot be predicted. 
7.    The pace of the development of society is not equal everywhere.
Key Term:
Associated- connected with another person or event 
Derive – get or come from something 
Dynamic- active and changing 
Interaction- communication or collaboration 
Predict- say what will happen in the future 
Primitive- somebody or something from the first stage or form of something
Transformation- complete change 
1.    Give an introduction to society.
2.    Describe the relationship between an individual and a society. 
3.    List the characteristics of society. 
4.    Development of a society means its transformation. Clarify it by giving examples. 
5.    Explain the characteristics of development society. 
Types of Society
Society has been classified into different types on various bases. Generally, the society is classified on the basis of the level of development, technology, bases of livelihood, culture, level of society or other inequalities. English Anthropologist Sir Edward Burnett Tylor has classified the society into Nomadic society, Barbarian society and Civilized society. Sociologist Gerhard Lenski differentiate societies into Hunters and Gatherers society, Simple Agricultural society, Advanced Agricultural society, Industrial society and Special society. Similarly, Karl Marx has classified it into Hunting and Gathering society, Pastoral society, Feudal society, Capitalist society and Social society. 
Types of Society
On the basis of Economy: 
1.    Capitalist Society 
2.    Socialist Society 
3.    Mixed Society 
On the basis of Language:
1.    Unilingual Society 
2.    Bilingual Society 
3.    Multilingual Society 
On the basis of Settlement: 
1.    Rural Society 
2.    Urban Society 
On the basis of Religion: 
1.    Hindu Society 
2.    Buddhist Society 
3.    Muslin Society 
4.    Christian Society, etc. 
On the basis of Time: 
1.    Ancient Society 
2.    Medieval Society 

3.    Modern Society 


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