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Solution of English Grade - IX (Unit-14 Permission Granted! )

Solution of English Grade - IX (Unit-14 Permission Granted! )
Permission Granted!
Enrich Your Vocabulary
Match the phrases under column with A their meanings under column B.
a.    Make a fuss- show anger or complaints about something unimportant
b.    Plenty of push- a lot of encouragement
c.    For the sake- in order to get or keep of
d.    Settle down- begin to give attention to something
e.    Cautious about- careful about
f.     Holistic development- complete/all-round progress
Put the following sentences in correct order.
a.    Mother allows her sons to go for practice. (d)
b.    Saurab asks for permission from his mother. (b)
c.    Saswot prefers cultivating his mind rather than going for practice. (e)
d.    Saswot does not like to go by bus and requests his mother to drop
them. (g)
e.    Mother asks her sons to go by bus. (f)
f.     Mother objects to Saurab’s proposal. (c)
g.    Saurab is excited because of an approaching sports day. (a)
Read the text again and answer these questions.
a.    How are Saswot and Saurab different from each other?
Ans: Saswot likes studying where as Saurab playing. In other words, Saswot likes cultivating his mind while Saurab likes developing his body.
b.    What according to Saurab are the benefits of involvement in sports?
Ans: According to Saurav, broad chest and strong biceps are the benefits of involvement in sports. Also, he thinks sports keep a person alive.
c.    Which do you think is more important, books or sports? Support your answer with a reason.
Ans: I think sports are important because they keep us fit and healthy mentally and physically.
d.    What should we do for holistic development?
Ans: One should get involved in sports as much as in study for holistic development.
e.    If you were the mother, how would you convince Saswot to go for practice?
Ans: I would tell him to go by bus for his practice.
Change the following into indirect speech.
a.    Yangchen says, “I don’t like to study all the time.”
Ans: Yangchen says that he doesn’t like to study all the time.
b.    Prithvi will say, “He can’t win me.”
Ans: Prithvi will say that he can’t win him.
c.    Priyanka said, “Sarita likes to dance with me.”
Ans: Priyanka said that Sarita liked to dance with her.
d.    Dinesh said to his friends, “Wood floats in water; iron sinks.”
Ans: Dinesh told his friends that wood floats in water, iron sinks.
e.    Sharmila said to Suman, “I will tell you my top-secret tomorrow.”
Ans: Sharmila told Suman that she would tell him her top secret the following day.
f.     Benju said to Julia, “Bhawani joined university last year.”
Ans: Benju told Julia that Bhawani had joined university the previous year.
g.    Padma said to her son, “Don’t waste food.”
Ans: Padma told her son not to waste food.
h.    Harimaya said to Phiroj, “What were you doing when I knocked at the door?”
Ans: Harimaya asked Phiroj what he had been doing when I knocked at the door.
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